Get a Permit to Build a Fence

Why do you need a permit to build a residential fence?

It is important that fences are built safely and meet certain quality standards. You can find out more about fence-related laws in the Florida Building Code and the Miami 21 Zoning Code.

Prepare Before You Apply.

  1. Review Residential Fence Guidelines in the Miami 21 Zoning Code.
    You can also meet with a Zoning Officer at the City of Miami's MRC Building to get help understanding what is allowed.
    Several sections of the code address residential fence requirements. Here are a few examples:
    1. Section 3.5.1. Measurement of Height
    2. Section 3.7 Fences and Walls
    3. Section 5: Location in Relation to your property line.
  2. Meet with a qualified licensed contractor.
    It is recommended that you seek out a contractor who has experience with City of Miami Building and Zoning Codes. You can also do the work as an owner builder.
  3. Review the Permit Application
    Make sure you understand and collect all the required information.
  4. Prepare two, marked-up copies of a recent site survey.
    A site survey is prepared by a certified Surveyor. The survey can not be more than 6 months old. The survey must be marked to show where the fence will be placed.
  5. Get copies of the fence detail. 
    You can get fence details from the company where the fence is purchased. The City of Miami can also fence detail for the most common fence types.


Things to Know to Ease the Process

  1. Fences built with common materials and standards are easier to get approved.
  2. The most common mistakes during the planning process include:
    • Height of the Fence
    • Visibility
    • Construction inside the Base Building Line.
  3. Try to avoid a Waiver Process
    Waivers provide an alternative when its impractical or impossible to comply with the City's strict code. However, this process has additional requirements and can lead to significant delays to your residential fence project.
  4. If trees are involved, it will delay your project.


Apply for your permit.

  1. Fill out Permit Application. There are 2 ways to do this:
    • Download the PDF Form
    • Apply Online
      Note: If you apply online, you will still need to print out the form for signature, but a process number will be created in the City of Miami's iBuild system. This will help speed up the application process.
  2. Get the form signed and notarized by both the property owner and a licensed contractor (unless building as an owner-builder).
  3. Bring the following to the City of Miami Building Department:
    • Your signed and notarized permit application.
    • 2 copies of your site survey (No more than 6 months old.)
    • 2 copies of the fence details.
  4. Go to the permit counter to verify your documents and get a process number.
  5. Sign up to have your plans reviewed and approved.
    • Important Note: If you want to have your plans reviewed the same day, your name must be on the Plans Review Processing list by 10:00am.
  6. Return to the permit counter to pay and receive your fence permit.


Build and Inspect Your Fence

  1. Print your Permit Card and keep it on the job site.  
  2. Build the fence.
  3. Call 3-1-1 to schedule your inspections when the work is ready.
    •  Important Note: Multiple inspectors may need to review the fence. Call for the required inspections in the order listed on your permit card.
  4. If approved by all inspectors, apply for Certificate of Completion (CC)
  5. If denied by an inspector, do the following:
  1.  Review Inspector Notes.
  2.  Make required changes.
  3.  Call 3-1-1 to schedule a re-inspection